Learn the best-kept secrets to creating a PMO that drives IMPACT.



The 2020 event will run all summer, culminating in our big show in September.

We are hard at work developing the 2020 Summit!!

Take a look at last year’s online virtual conference dedicated to helping PMO and Project Leaders make a big IMPACT with project management.

The resources you need to thrive now and in the future.

Unlike in-person conferences where all the sessions are packed into a few days, the PMO IMPACT Summit has been carefully planned to allow you time to actually listen and absorb the information without adding a lot of fluff that will simply overwhelm or distract you from getting the job done. 

We’re 100% laser-focused on giving you the knowledge, skills, resources, and guidance to help you build, grow or reset your PMO. 

How it works:

We’re launching a brand new platform and mobile app to make this year’s experience even more high-IMPACT! Starting June 1, 2020, you’ll be able to register for the event for FREE and download our mobile app. There, we’re going to be sharing tons of free content and resources over the next four months, leading up to the main event in late September. 

Make sure you’re getting the PMO Strategies weekly newsletter so you’re the first to know when the app is live and find out about extra goodies like the VIP access. 

What we're talking about this year...


Get inside the heads of executives across industries to learn how they view, value, and leverage project management and the PMO to deliver their strategy.


Develop specific business-focused leadership competencies to help you elevate your profile in your organization.


Learn what the future holds for PMOs and project management from leaders that have been on the leading edge throughout their careers.


Uncover the best techniques for managing projects and PMOs during our current pandemic environment and to build your PMO strengths to weather any future storms that impact your industry or organization. 


Learn how the PMO can support and drive Agile implementation, create a symbiotic relationship with Agile practitioners, and help the organization make a bigger IMPACT with Agile.


Learn the latest techniques in project portfolio management to help you establish the right oversight across your projects and accelerate overall project performance and IMPACT realization.


Explore techniques to help women embrace their unique style and perspective to accelerate performance.


Learn how to become the Strategy Navigator for your organization, build strategic thinking skills, and how to align your PMO with the strategic goals of the organization. 


Uplevel your professional skills to meet the evolving needs of organizations as they enter a new era of  accelerated business delivery expectations. 


Get demos, training, and discounts on the best PPM, PM, and PMO tools to help you automate and streamline your IMPACT delivery.


Learn how your colleagues are making a big IMPACT with their PMOs in their organizations, the unique ways they build credibility, and run their PMOs like a well-oiled machine. 


Understand the importance of applying common sense (but not common practice) organizational change management techniques to lead your team and organization through change on projects and with the PMO.


Learn how to set your PMO up for success right from the start, where to spend your energy smartly to get the biggest bang for the buck, and how to build credibly quickly in any organization. 

I loved this Summit! I feel like I have attended so many of these (virtual and in person) and always felt like I was attending an expo rather than a place I could learn and walk away with something from. This event was totally different. This free event was by far the best I have ever attended. The content, the expert speakers and resources were spot on. The recordings were available for 48 hours after each one finished so it was easy to find and watch something if you weren’t able to make the time that it was on live. There were so many sessions that I found valuable that I had to get the Lifetime access. I have already gone back and referred to many of them for practical application and guidance. And getting the 35 PDU’s for it was a great bonus! Thanks Laura for a great summit. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Andrea, PMO Leader

Our Speakers

How could you make a bigger IMPACT with access to their best kept secrets?

Stephen A. Devaux

President of Analytic Project Management

Skip Weisman

Skip Weisman, Professional Keynote Speaker, Author, Business Coach

Jesse Fewell

Elise Stevens

Karin Hurt and David Dye

Founder of Let's Grow Leaders

Lauren Pawell

Bixa Media

Tami Evans, CSP

Employee Engagement & Levity Leadership Expert

Patricia Bravo

Consultant, Speaker and Author

David Barrett

Speaker and Author

Stuart Easton

Founder/CEO Transparent Choice

Rick Morris

Owner of R2 Consulting

Simon Harris

Logical Model

Joe Pusz

President of THE PMO SQUAD

Laura Barnard

CEO, PMO Strategies

Lee Lambert

PMI Fellow

Andy Jordan

Roffensian Consulting S.A.

Steve Salisbury

Transformational Leadership Expert

Mark Price Perry

Business Driven PMO Evangelist

April Callis-Birchmeier

Leader of Springboard Consulting

Michael Hannan

Fortezza Consulting

Jennie M. Fowler

American Credit Acceptance

Douglas M. Brown, PhD

Founder of

Steven Fullmer

President and Chief Technology Officer

Kari Mirabal

International Keynote Speaker

Scott Payne

Co-Founder PM Master Prep

Dawn Mahan

Founder & CEO of

Sessions by Category

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Executive Perspective
Future of PMOs
Managing in Chaos
Organizational Change Management
PMO Case Studies
PMO Startup
Professional Skills
Women in PMO/PM

I loved the relevance of the presentations and online access across multiple time zones. I also was impressed by the quality of knowledgeable and highly experienced experts.

Chidi, PMO Executive

What I loved about the PMO IMPACT Summit is that it was jam packed full of very useful information and takeaways for PMOs!

Nancy, Project Manager

I loved the impact! The focus is refreshing and very informative. It’s full of useful, practical advice which inspires change and equips you to go out and do it again to help others drive business returns/value. Brilliant IMPACT strategy!

Mark, PMO Leader

Loved learning about case studies, PMO structures in various organizations, best practices and value oriented PMOs. I liked that I could watch it on my own schedule.

Shiwani, PMO Leader

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