Ali Cudby

CEO, Your Iconic Brand

Ali Cudby

CEO, Your Iconic Brand
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Imagine how great it would feel to land your next customer with the confidence they’re going to become long-term, loyal, and lucrative. No matter how you bring in revenue, Ali Cudby can help you achieve your goals because she wrote the book on customer retention – literally. The author of the #1 bestselling book Keep Your Customers, Ali brings her engaging training to companies around the globe.

From Fortune 500 to pre-revenue start-ups, Ali has spent 20 years refining her craft. After graduating from Wharton Business School and joining The New York Times Company, she had stints at the Golf Digest Magazine Group and Animal Planet TV Network before embarking on a journey as an award-winning entrepreneur.

Now, Ali teaches Entrepreneurship at Purdue University and works with clients worldwide to help companies keep their customers through her company Your Iconic Brand.


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