Speaker Information

Welcome to the PMO IMPACT Summit speaker information page!

Thank you for your interest in being a part of our movement to elevate the IMPACT PMO leaders are making in their organizations around the world. 

This year’s event theme is Making a Big IMPACT with the PMO with an emphasis on some specific knowledge areas and a focus on individual career development for PMO leaders. 

There will be specific content areas with an emphasis on a core set of leadership competencies necessary for all PMO leaders. If you were a speaker in the past, we will ask for new content and/or a new format. For example, you can provide a different presentation you would like to share in a new category or if you did a presentation last year, you could do an interview format this year. 

Curious about last year’s event? View the 2018 speakers here.








PMO IMPACT Summit Speaker Checklist

Submit Your Application

Once submitted and approved you will receive the Summit Agreement as well as instructions to schedule and submit the remaining information. 


Sign the Summit Agreement

Once the form has been completed, you will get an email from Hello Sign to sign and receive a copy of the agreement. This is a simple agreement outlining what to expect from the Summit as well as what the Summit expected from you in terms of participation and communication with your community online and in-person.

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Schedule your recording for a 40-60 minute presentation

This can be presentation style, interview style, or a combination of the two on your topic for the PMO IMPACT Summit. We will record all content in advance through August 30 and make your content available for a specified period during the Summit window.


Your content can be recorded any time between now and August 30, 2019 once your topic has been approved.


Your options for recording the content are as follows:

  1. Via webinar session with Laura (required for interviews)
  2. Via webinar session scheduled with our software
  3. Via your own computer and software

For a detailed explanation of the process, click here

Please schedule your recording here if using option 1 or 2. 

Schedule Recording

Prepare your Presentation

For best viewing, slides should be in 16:9 format. Please simply add these 3 slides to your existing presentation or you may copy your slides into the template. To maintain the formatting of your slides in my materials or my slides in your materials in PowerPoint do the following:

  1. Highlight the slides you want to copy
  2. Select copy
  3. Go to the page where you want to paste the slides
  4. Right-click to bring up a menu and look for Paste Options
  5. Choose Keep Source Formatting

Download Template

Upload your presentation

Once your presentation is complete, please return to your form to submit your presentation at least 48 business hours before your scheduled recording time. The email you received when you submitted your application includes a link to edit your response.

This will take you back to the form you originally submitted. You may need to login to google with the account you used to do your original submission. If you have any issues with finding that email, you can use the button below to upload your files.


Share with Your Network

Email Your Network:

Send 1 solo email and 1 other email notification to your list during the pre-Summit marketing window

Part of the success of this summit depends on you sharing this Summit with your email list. As outlined in the Summit Agreement, you will be required to send 1 solo email to your list exclusively about the Summit as well as include the Summit in at least one other email to your list.

Not sure what to say? Don’t worry! Here are optional email and social media samples you can copy and paste into your email and social media.


The communication window for the Summit officially begins August 1, 2019, but some may choose to build excitement during the month of July as soon as we have the details posted.

The bigger we all make this, the bigger it will be for all of us involved! Our goal will be to get maximum exposure for you, your services, and your message while we transform the way PMO leaders think about their role and help to share the message of PMOs driving IMPACT globally.

Social Media Promotion

Before and during the Summit, we will need your help in promoting the Summit on your social media networks. We will create sample posts you may choose to use for all of your social media channels before the promotion dates.

The pre-Summit promotion dates are August 1, 2019, through September 30, 2019. The Summit dates are September 16, 2019 through September 27, 2019.

Promotional Opportunities

You will be allowed to promote your product or service at the end of your presentation or asked how others can learn more about you and your services. Please limit this to one main advertisement or direct them to your website to learn more. We will also promote you and your services to our entire audience of approximately 10,000 followers and subscribers through various social media, email, and other marketing promotions during the event advertising window.

You will also receive special promotion on your specific content release day during the event advertising window. This will be a great time for you to plan for cross-promoting the PMO IMPACT Summit, as well as share, like, distribute our social materials.