The PMO as a Change Manager in Agile Transformations

Organizational Change

The PMO as a Change Manager in Agile Transformations

The future involves uncertainty and rapid change. Agile practices offer one way for teams to approach the unknown and complex with control and confidence, but how do you bring Agile practices into a traditional/ linear organization? For many the road to Agile seems just as unclear, uncertain and complex as the future they’re trying to take control of. But this does not have to be the way, the PMO can take charge of the Agile journey by applying best practice from change management. In this session Karin will present a simple framework for how the PMO can approach and lead Agile transformations using best practice from organizational change management.


Topics covered; – Recognize the PMO’s role before, during and after Agile practices are implemented – Define your WHY – Identify and meet learning needs across the organization – Understand and manage the impact of change across People, Process, Technology and Culture – Use Agile principles to implement and learn in order to scale Agile


PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management [PDU]




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