PMO Setup: Navigating The Tsunami of Change

Organizational Change Management

PMO Setup: Navigating The Tsunami of Change

As they say, the only thing that’s constant is change. And this is no different when you’re setting up a PMO. In fact, it’s further compounded. A new PMO for an organization could result in a variety of changes for stakeholders including adjustments in roles & responsibilities, modifications in reporting/org structures, variations in communication, and more. Some will welcome these changes. Some won’t.

This presentation outlines how to manage this change to ensure there is the proper buy-in for your PMO.

In this session, you’ll learn:

– What happens when change management is ignored

– A deeper look why people shy away from change

– The change management checklist for each phase of the PMO setup

– 5 “don’ts” when tackling change – And more

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategy and Business Management [PDU]




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