Is There Such a Thing as WAGILE?


Is There Such a Thing as WAGILE?

HELP! All we keep hearing about is Agile! Be agile, do agile, think agile, agile is a mindset! BUT, what if your organization / department is not ‘ready’ for agile! Are you ‘stuck’ with “waterfall” – or – “traditional” project management? OR… are you in the lane of “well, we are doing iterative waterfall and we are just ‘calling’ it agile”! There IS a way to still be “waterfall” and bring some “Agile” principles in! It’s W-AGILE!!! This may not be an ‘official thing’ (wink, wink) – but, I will share some experiences and tips to help Project Managers and PMO Leaders to either lean out your waterfall – or- help you baby step toward Agile. You don’t wanna miss it!

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management [PDU]




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