From Strategy to Execution – Bridging the Gap


From Strategy to Execution – Bridging the Gap

Strategic Planning is crucial to the success of any organization, but when your finished plan collects dust for months afterwards, we know this was never part of your strategy. This session addresses why strategic plans fail and suggests ways we can avoid having our own plans end up in the trash. There are seven specific reasons companies lose focus on their Strategic Plan.

This session will help you pinpoint the exact reason (or reasons) your company is stuck, and start bridging the gap from where you are right now, to where you want to be. This interactive and hands-on session will address 4 key questions:

• Why do strategic plans fail?

• Where does your organization/department sit in the strategy execution success grid?

• What are the things we can do to fix the problem?

• What are the action items that we can do now to fix our own problems?

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategy and Business Management [PDU]




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