How to Leverage Company Culture to Improve ROI


How to Leverage Company Culture to Improve ROI

You may have heard the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” but do you understand the long-term impact that company culture can have on organizational growth and revenue? The differences between intentional, effective company culture and accidental, ineffective company culture can make or break a team’s success, as Bharat Nain first learned when he led his high-school robotics team to a world championship victory against 3,000 other teams. As a lead software engineer, Bharat now works with diverse teams to take strategic plans and transform them into tactical implementation. In this interview with Laura, he shares real-world lessons and strategies for how to leverage company culture to improve the hiring process, how a strong company culture can help companies survive tough times, and how to create employees-as-raving-fans by implementing a strong culture.



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