Communicating PMO Value


Communicating PMO Value

As a PMO leader, do you know how important marketing your PMO value and services is to how people see and understand the value of the PMO? In this enlightening interview, Lauren Pawell, an expert in all things marketing, will share insights from her many years of experience in corporate and now helping her clients articulate their value proposition to those they serve. Laura believes this is a MUST WATCH for all PMO leaders because we must stop selling the PMO and instead learn how to let the value of the PMO shine.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership



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4 Responses

  1. Linda Linton

    Informative session. Glad to hear Lauren say that it’s mostly psychology. My organization and I are new to the PMO world, so this will help me going forward. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  2. Funny that both of you talking so much about soft skills and that building personal relationship is skill for life, not just as PM/PMO. My moto is “all start and end with people” 🙂 Thanks for the interesting conversion and good luck for both in your businesses.

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