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29 Mar 2023
Day 2
18 Sep 2020
Day 3
21 Sep 2020
Day 4
23 Sep 2020
Day 5
25 Sep 2020

Differences in Running a Strategy Realization Office “SRO” From a PMO

Hear the lessons learned of a PMO transitioning to an SRO. Join Jennie to hear about what went well and what opportunities were faced during the past year. This will...
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Jennie M. Fowler

Learning effectively to Thrive in a Changing Environment

The 10,000 hour rule is a situational example, and is a falsehood relative to learning. We either associate or sequence neural inputs from our senses with existing neural storage. We...
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Steven Fullmer

The Art of Ethical Influence

One of the greatest misconceptions in project management is that the project manager “owns” the project. However, what does the project manager own? The resources? The budget? The scope? The...
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Rick Morris

Small Group, Big Results: The Seven Circle professional development experience

Are you a successful professional woman who works way more than she plays, worries more than she risks, and regrets more than she celebrates? Maybe it is time to jump...
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Tami Evans, CSP

How to understand an organizations political environment

All workplaces have politics – good and bad. People bring their personal emotions, needs, ambitions, cultural aspects and everything else in between. As Project Managers we need to be able...
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Elise Stevens

Why Enterprise Agility Has Never Been More Important

As businesses struggle to recover from the impact of COVID-19 the need to build a resilient, adaptable organization has never been more critical. From strategic focus to effective delivery, organizations...
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Andy Jordan

The Three Pillars of Strategy Success: Your Work, Your Career and Your Life

Strategic planning is now a part of the PMI’s Talent Triangle – now identified as a critical component to our current and future roles. However, reading and hearing is one...
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David Barrett

The 3 Power Communication Traits of a Championship PMO Leader

This session provides insights into a powerful dynamic of three communication traits that come together to create the sweet spot for a leader to build high levels of trust and...
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Skip Weisman

READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change

READY, Set, Change! provides a framework that complements traditional organizational change initiatives with an intense focus on advanced preparation and integrated support. Discover a simpler and faster approach to help...
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April Callis-Birchmeier

Empowering People to Deliver Results

Author John C. Maxwell has a famous quote, “A leader is great not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.” During...
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Joe Pusz

Untapped Agility – 7 Leadership Moves to Transform Your Transformation

Agile transformations are supposed to make organizations modern, competitive, and relevant. But in the well-intentioned effort to move into the future, change leaders find themselves frustrated by pushback, limited impact,...
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Jesse Fewell

Making Agile Work in a Calendar-Driven World: Demystifying the Scaled Agile Framework

Are you frustrated that your organization isn’t listening to all the benefits that an Agile approach could offer? Or, on the other end of the scale, are you frustrated at...
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Douglas M. Brown, PhD

Using Character Strengths to Ease Stress, Manage Anxiety and Build Social Intelligence

Project managers and their teams agree that communication and connecting stakeholders to the goals of a project are core to the role of project managers. Connection is a fundamental part...
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Ruth Pearce

Courageous Cultures: Building Teams of Micro-Innovators, Problem Solvers and Customer Advocates

What would happen if every member of your project team came to work focused on finding solutions and creating better results? Based on groundbreaking new research in innovation and problem-solving,...
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David Dye
Karin Hurt

IT Strategy and Project Success Using the Strategic Simplicity® Framework

We are no longer in the Information Age. We are now in the Attention Scarcity Age—where rapid change and information overload is the norm. Having a successful IT strategy, and...
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Praveen Puri

Large Scale Agile Transformation – Challenging Our Traditional PMO

For the PMO Leader that has developed a set of skills and best practices through years of experience in a traditional PMO environment, the thought of re-learning and challenging that...
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Edward J Leydon, MBA, PMP

To Execute Strategy: Unleash the Capabilities of Your People

How can organizations embrace change both effectively and productively? The answer is to unleash the capabilities of your staff members. Donna will highlight how using the conventional tools of adaptive...
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Donna Fitzgerald

The Five Missing Ingredients With Most Enterprise Transformations

We as leaders are under constant pressure to apply our expert knowledge on how to improve organizational performance. The often-urgent need to deliver target business or mission results, coupled with...
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Michael Hannan

Business Driven PMO Setup and Management: Three Foundational Building Blocks for High Value and Broad Application

This presentation provides three foundational building blocks for Business Driven PMO Setup and Management that PMO professionals need to master in order to understand and work with their leadership teams....
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Mark Price Perry

7 Keys to Leadership Presence for Women

Leaders inspire confidence and hope. In this unprecedented time, we are looking for those leaders more than ever. You don’t have to have a title or even the authority from...
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Sarah Robinson

Creating the Investment-Driven PMO

Every project is an investment. But unless the PMO is designed to elicit investment information at project initiation, and then to track expected ROI during execution, the project’s business value...
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Stephen A. Devaux

Even More with Even Less – Super Light Weight Change Preparation and Execution Management

During the last PMO Impact Summit, Mike Hannan and I showed how you can reach much more output with less effort. But this requires a mind- and organizational change. Most...
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Wolfram Müller, PMP, TOCICO Foundation

The Changing Role of Project Managers as Strategic Business Partners: The Competencies and Skills You Need to Succeed in Today’s Digital Transformation Age

The role of the Project Manager is transforming from tactical into a strategic as companies now recognize the PMO function as a critical component to business success. PMOs across the...
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Phil Weinzimer

Igniting a Transformation Revolution

Leaders in every industry struggle with driving successful strategy execution and change. These projects are complex, riddled with challenges, and consume vast amounts of energy. Despite innovative practices in leadership...
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Steve Salisbury

Creating a Culture that Values Project Management: The Top 10 Countdown Checklist You Can Use Now

Project managers are leaders. Good leaders motivate, inspire and create an environment that encourages people to want to show up and do their best every day. Perhaps you have experienced...
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Dawn Mahan

Change for Project Leaders

This session focuses on key organizational change “moments that matter” for project professionals to drive change and improve their project outcomes. Facilitated by a change management strategist and thought leader...
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MIchelle Yanahan

Why Is Building Support for Our Projects (and other changes) So Hard?

Building support for change doesn’t have to be that hard! But many changes/projects fail simply because leaders don’t build and sustain sufficient support from beginning to end. Project managers need...
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Rick Maurer

Boosting Your Resilience: A Neuroscience-Based Approach

We are better leaders and team members when our well-being is secure. Navigating uncertainty and adversity has created a strain. Higher resiliency can help us bounce back from adversity and...
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Patricia Bravo

Pushing Past Impossible in Project Management – Strategies for Excelling in Impossible Projects

Imagine bringing two opposite cultures, traditions and worlds together. Imagine a white, middle aged lawyer and PMP becoming an elder in an ancient African tribe. Imagine a conservative Maasai warrior...
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Paul Pelletier

Is Your PMO a Bandaid for Poor Accountability Management

Is your PMO a crutch to compensate for poor accountability management in your organization? Have you heard “oh make it a project, that way it’ll get done” ? Do you...
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Joe Cudby

Future Ready: PMO Innovations

During lockdown many PMOs had to quickly adjust to continue to support their organisations from afar. This webinar is going to use insights from this time to understand the challenges...
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Emma-Ruth Arnaz-pemberton

The Mentally Healthy PMO: Change Catalyst During a Crisis

Are you wondering how to keep your mind, body and PMO healthy during this time of constant change? This session will leave you with activities that you can use right...
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Sherry James

How PMOs Can Enable Effective Operations in Times of Change

Focus on how having an adaptable PMO that enables business agility can be a critical success factor during times of change and crisis, e.g. COVID and business continuity. . PMI...
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Joanna Vahlsing

Top 10 LinkedIn Profile “Must Haves”

Networking has unlimited potential, but only for those willing to take risks and work outside comfort zones to explore new possibilities. Learn more about attracting audiences to your LinkedIn profile...
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Kari Mirabal

Relax, Nothing is Under Control! Practices to Become a Better or True Leader!

Pretty much everything in our PMO-PPPM World evolves around our human need to control; practices, methods, tools and techniques encourage practitioners to exert control over processes and people… This interview...
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Federico Vargas

Taking Action Against Discrimination, Social Distancing, and Burnout

Our new normal includes a painful intensification of our awareness of social injustices, even as we all cope with the stress of decreased social contact. As leaders, what does the...
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Beth Genly

A PMO Leader’s Best Friend in Good Times and Bad

There are many elements to success in leadership. This is no different for PMO leaders. They must look inwards, outwards and explore other areas to find resources to help them...
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Hussain Bandukwala

Project Management Career Path

Does your organization have a career path for project managers? It is a PM leader’s imperative if you want to attract and retain talent. This presentation covers a simple, yet...
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Fran Boyer

When Your Organization Does Not Get “Project Management:” Transforming Your Organization Through Project Management

Project Management can be interpreted as wasteful, unnecessary, and invaluable to organizations who find the concept alien. Its role and benefits often relegated to task scheduling and coordination. However, when...
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Uloma Jacob

Why You Must Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

In this interview, Susanne discusses the importance of emotional intelligence when leading yourself and others through uncertain times. In fact, it is when times are the most volatile, uncertain, complex...
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Susanne Madsen

The Added Value of Professional Development

Over the past few years, I’ve heard so many different opinions, been through countless constructive debates and read so many different articles about what people think of professional development and...
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Rami Kaibni

You’re the Future, Now Own It!

Top 3 ways women are built to lead in the project management industry and foster global growth. . PMI Talent Triangle: Power Skills (Leadership) [0.25 PDU]    
Nicole Jones

Some Agile Myths Busted

Many of us are using agile ways of working. But I still observe several agile myths. In this webinar I will give a list of agile myths and I will...
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Henny Portman

PMO Portfolio Management Services

A practical guide to exactly how a PMO can help with portfolio management. Explaining what a PMO can do and why they are best placed to offer this help ....
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Stuart Dixon

Bridge the Gap from Strategy to Execution to Accelerate your Results

Based on experience assessing a client’s organizational delivery maturity, this presentation will take attendees through an assessment of key capabilities that are required in every organization to accelerate business results....
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Annmarie Curley

My Organization is Moving to Agile, Now What’s My Role?

In our VUCA world, there is increasing pressure for leaders and organizations to respond with business agility and resilience. Whether you are a PMO director, a portfolio, program, or project...
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Paula Stewart

How to Tailor the PMO to Your Company and Industry

Finding the right balance between using standards and best practices and making company specific adaptations is the key to facilitating the implementation of a PMO and the services it provides....
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Hans Arnbjerg

Emotionally Intelligent PMO Leaders

Emotional Intelligence is an area of reflection and skill development that is vital for PMs, Leaders and for PMOs. Our ability to influence and to shape the practice of project...
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Dev Ramcharan

How to BE as a Virtual Project Leader: 5 Great Habits to Connect, Engage, and Avoid Burnout in a Virtual World

With today’s state of affairs with the increasing trend of remote work, project managers who enjoyed the benefits of being in the office are now in a situation to maintain...
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Crystal J. Richards, PMP, PMI-ACP

COVID Led Portfolio Re-Balancing

COVID changed everything. Every organisation’s strategy as was is un-matched to now, unmatched to tomorrow This is the BIGGEST opportunity for the organisation and the PMO in a life-time! Why?,...
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Simon Harris

What Makes a Great PMO Leader

Learn about the real difference-making skills that great PMO leaders all have in common. This year, especially, has been a challenging one for PMO leaders and has created some incredible...
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Christoph Hirnle

Changing the World, One Project at a Time

Hear Beth May’s personal journey combined with the journey of the Project Management for Change organization. Her personal journey was about leaving her job after 28 years, so that she...
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Elizabeth (“Beth”) May

Strategic Design and Project Delivery: Bridging the Gap

In this session, Lee Lambert discusses the critical relationship between organization strategy and project execution, why being a good project manager will not be enough, and how to align your...
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Lee Lambert

How a Strategy Realization Office Can Help Make Organizational Impact with the PMO

There are two keys to effective portfolio planning. First, make sure you have the right portfolio selected. Second – and it’s only after you’ve selected the right portfolio – make...
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Philip Martin

The Missing Secret to Project Manager Development

This is a riveting episode with Scott Payne, President of PM Master Prep!  Scott and Laura will keep you entertained as they dive deep into how the best organizations design...
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Scott Payne

Thriving Amidst Uncertainty and Leading Teams Through Change

Workplace change is among the top life-stressors and it’s holding women back. Holding fewer positions of authority with little decision-making input means women are more prone to overwhelm and burnout...
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Jay Stone

From PMO to PME: Boosting your Project Portfolio Performance

Three Simple Changes to Transform any PMO into a “Profit Maximization Engine” In this session, you will learn why most PMOs are not designed to maximize profit (or impact) and...
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Michael Hannan

The Disciplined Agile PMO

This interview will work through key questions around how PMOs fit into agile organizations, the value that PMOs offer to agile, the challenges that PMOs face, and how PMOs must...
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Scott Ambler

Getting and Staying Future Ready

We all know legacy organizations were not built for speed. The need to become a Future Ready organization today, so one can leap ahead and stay competitive, is critical to...
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Nick Davis

How PMOs Can Lead Change: A 3 Step Process

In this session, we dive into why PMOs are in the perfect position to lead change within organizations. It is now the time for PMOs to become “Chief Transformation Officers”...
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Valerie Zeller

Stop Wasting Time. First, Address Resource Management

For any PMO to gain prominence and become a true partner to the business, it must focus on the most impactful discipline: resource management.  Many PMOs fail to provide lasting...
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Sean Pales

How to Tie Strategy to Projects and Realize Measurable Business Outcomes

In this session, you will learn how PMOs play a vital role in tying strategy to business value realization. As we transition to the “new normal” of a pandemic, companies...
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Rani Pangam

Leading Project Managers During Uncertainty and Change

Your PMO is adding value by leading projects and delivering results. Your PMO is also adding value by leading project managers and building their skills. While our organizations are going...
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Lisa-Ann Barnes

Evolution of a PMO Leader: Lessons From Matthew McConaughey

This presentation takes inspiration from the career renaissance of Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. The session outlines what PMO Leaders can take away from Matthew’s transformation and describes the key...
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Hussain Bandukwala

Business Driven PMO

Research has shown that 75% of PMOs are NOT driven by business needs. As a result, these PMOs experience execution difficulties, lose support, and though the PMO may be given...
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Mark Price Perry

Preventing, Managing and Eliminating your PMO Nightmare

Disrespect happens – from our sponsors, our coworkers, our bosses. No matter how we reinforce expectations for workplace respect, every PMO encounters those who become workplace nightmares. If ignored or...
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Paul Pelletier

PMO Role in Caring for Capital and Change

Change IMPACTS everywhere. Simon’s presentation contextualizes then explains a technique for making vision deliverable. An organization is a collection of forms of capital (People and their culture, Their skills and...
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Simon Harris

Project Management for Change

Project Management for Change is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide the project management discipline to accelerate the realization of positive social outcomes. Join us in changing the...
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Kendall Lott
Elizabeth (“Beth”) May
Michael Hannan
Laura Barnard

What PMs Should Be Doing For Their Business

Good PMs deliver to time and budget, GREAT PMs understand that when provided a project they are to maximize the business position. Squeezing every last drip of commercial and economic...
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Amanda Oakenfull, GAICD

Keep Your Customers: The Three Keys To Unlock Customer Retention

Customers are the foundation of every business. In today’s economic reality, it’s more important than ever to keep the customers you’ve worked so hard to earn. In this presentation, Ali...
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Ali Cudby

How to make your PMO’s value recognized by your stakeholders

Americo Pinto will present an innovative and practical model that will allow you to ensure that the mix of functions of your PMO is aligned with the expectations of your...
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Americo Pinto

Building a PM Culture

How to build a PMO in an organization that is not used to utilizing PMs in their projects . PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management [0.5 PDU]    
Allison Primack

The Fierce Way to Bravely Build Back Better

Amidst the pandemic, there are worldwide movements happening that demand NOW is the time for change – from Black Lives Matter to flexible and remote working revolution. During this time...
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Anita Phagura MSc MAPM

Evolving to Evolve

How I am able to evolve as a PMO leader, the evolution of my work and my teams, and how I’m preparing to evolve yet again. . PMI Talent Triangle:...
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Andrea Cirelli

Why Our Leaders Must Change for the Change to Last (and how to help them realize it)

Despite heroic work by project teams, our organizational change efforts have an abysmal track record. After 20 years studying change while living it (he’s been change managed plenty), leading it...
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Al Comeaux

Role of PMO in Project Business Management

Based on survey and polling shows a trend toward buy-in make-or-buy decisions and more projects is performed under contract for an external, paying customer. We like to call this type...
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Akbar Azwir

What’s the difference between Adaptability, Agility, and Agile?

There are a lot of terms floating around these days that all seem to mean something similar. Angela Bunner, VP Customer Experience at Clarizen, helps clarify these terms and put...
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Angela Bunner

Leadership in a Time of Crisis: How to Unite, Empower & Inspire Teams, from Anywhere

There’s no question that leadership today means facing a unique set of challenges. Leaders must find a way to empower, motivate dispersed employees, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration while operating in...
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Amir Younes

How to Assess the Maturity of Your PMO

What is the difference between organizational project management maturity and project management office (PMO) maturity? How can a PMO evolve and how can we measure its evolution? Should a PMO...
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Americo Pinto

How an Added Value PMO Create Integrity and Alignment Between Methodologies and Systems

Many organizations have attempted implementing methodologies which often results in spending lots of money, time and effort with little return, while the original intent was to increase project success. They...
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Amireh Amirmazaheri

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Leadership is a team sport and every great team has a great coach behind them. Leading is more than delegating tasks and performance management. This session will walk you through...
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Anu Smalley

What is PMO Return On Investment (ROI)?

The new PMO Generation is all about adding value and the key challenge for PMOs is how to define, measure, and present the value they add. Amireh will discuss the...
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Amireh Amirmazaheri

What is PMO Return On Investment (ROI)?

The new PMO Generation is all about adding value and the key challenge for PMOs is how to define, measure, and present the value they add. Amireh will discuss the...
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Amireh Amirmazaheri

Harmonious Project Management

What if I told you harmony and relationship building with your project team members may warrant increased project success? It is time to abandon the typical team/vendor introductions, dreaded “fun...
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Marquise Vilsaint

Leading People from Panic to Productivity – What leaders need to do when they are surrounded by rolling waves of change

Living through an immersive change experience such as a global pandemic provides us with may reminders and lessons about leading change, and the only thing we know for certain is...
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Bekka Prideaux

Effective Management of Virtual Project Teams to Improve Productivity

How do you ensure your project team members who work virtually are moving the project forward. I will share effective human resources, schedule management, process improvement, and technology tools to...
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Ojiugo Ajunwa

How I Prepared My PMO For Project Economy Challenges

With the new concept of the project economy, the main actors that are PMOs and project managers are the craftsmen who will bring the positive impact of project management to...
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Clotilde Eteme-Mbolo

Lockdown Diaries of a Project Manager Leading the Way with PMTQ

Priya Patra talks about her experience during the COVID-19 lockdown from Mumbai.  She covers the Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ) and how it’s applied to navigate the new COVID-19 normal....
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Priya Patra

How Women in Construction Project Management Positively Impact Profits and Collaboration

The construction workforce is evolving in many positive ways, especially as it actively embraces diversity and technology. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most male-dominated industries in the world. Out...
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Monica Byrd

Project Selection Leveraging PERT

There is never enough money to take on every project that comes along and most project selections are based on politics. However, William H. Volpe III, PMP spent 9 months...
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William H Volpe III, PMP

Enabling and Sustaining a Collaborative PMO Culture

Organizations that identify and address pervasive mindsets at the outset are four times more likely to succeed in organizational-change efforts than are companies that overlook this stage. During this presentation,...
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Priscilla Bakx-Kabai

PMO Trends: A Practitioner Perspective

Luis Duran will share his perspective as a PMO practitioner in this interview as we explore  PMO industry trends and how PMO leaders can influence the way PMOs are perceived....
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Luis Duran

Run Your Meeting By Challenging Your Inner Movie Director

The PMO leader/project manager sets the tone for meetings and each should be treated as a production. As an example, take three back to back 30 minute project meetings with...
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Michelle Baker