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    Dr. Christoph Hirnle
    Managing Director, Meisterplan

    PPM Won’t Work – Unless it Works for Everyone

    PPM systems fail. Management expectations around “more transparency”, “faster strategy execution” or “increased efficiency” remain unmet.
    After working with 2000+ organizations around the world, the problem boils down to a simple fact: most PPM systems fail in producing the data needed to make meaningful decisions. AI won’t generate the data for you. Garbage in, Garbage out.
    But why is it so hard?
    The key lies in understanding that PPM systems are social systems with many stakeholders beyond executive management. Each stakeholder has personal cost/benefit considerations, every role needs to give – and be able to take.

    In this session, I’ll share our perspective on the different stakeholder groups, their expectations, and how to win them for your sustainable PPM system. So that as a PMO, you can reliably deliver on your promises.

    Andy Jordan
    President, Roffensian Consulting S.A.

    The Future of Strategic Portfolio Management

    Strategic portfolio management has gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years. But to avoid becoming just another temporary trend, it needs to evolve, and it needs to deliver success. In this presentation, Andy explores how that needs to happen, and what organizations can do to embrace it.

    Jennifer Baker
    Curriculum Developer & Faculty Member, USC

    Portfolio Benefit Delivery

    Components of portfolios typically provide status on the deliverables of their work. Rarely do they provide status on the benefits that they are delivering to the portfolio and organization which is what the stakeholders really want to know. Portfolio managers must show the value of their organization by translating project and program deliverable status into portfolio benefit delivery status. Attendees will learn how to translate project and program deliverable status into the benefit delivery information that stakeholders really want to see.

    Jennie Fowler
    Global Director Project Management, Percepta

    From PPM Maturity 1.8 to 3.5 in Under 2 Years

    According to Donna Fitzgerald, in reviewing over 1,000 PMOs… She has only witnessed maturity of a PMO increase at this rate one time in her career. Join Donna as she speaks with Jennie Fowler on a journey of evolving a Global Project Management Office in under two years.

    This session touches on:
    • What model was used to measure PPM maturity & how
    • Where did Jennie start & how did she get Executive buy-in
    • What speed bumps were encountered along the way
    • How often do you recommend performing a PPM maturity assessment
    • What’s next in Jennie’s journey

    Marcus Glowasz
    Project Management Advisor
    Data & Analytics Specialist

    Data-Driven Agility: Employing Data and AI to Keep Up With Speed and Complexity

    Business environments have become increasingly complex, requiring businesses to go beyond common project delivery methods and adopt more advanced adaptive measures. However, many projects today struggle to deliver on their promises, often focusing only on short-term results and losing sight of the bigger picture.

    While the agility of delivery teams is important in volatile business environments, the fast pace of change calls for the ability to quickly adjust and make well-informed strategic judgments. The pandemic has emphasized the crucial role of speed in project success.

    Data-driven agility is a management approach that combines data, analytics, agility, and innovation to help organizations adapt quickly, drive growth, and make informed decisions. It enhances project resilience, strategic alignment, and decision-making.

    In this presentation, Marcus Glowasz will provide an overview of data-driven agility and practical tips for engaging with data-driven and evidence-based methods.

    Brian Pook
    International Project Portfolio Management Executive

    Common Issues and Practical Solutions to Improve Project Portfolio Performance

    Join this session on project portfolio management improvement solutions and unlock the secrets to taking your projects to new heights. Learn how to measure, manage, and elevate your project portfolio’s maturity, while establishing a unified portfolio management office for a single source of truth. Discover the power of data-based decision-making, prioritize projects effectively for capital allocation, and mobilize project offices with utmost efficiency. Walk away equipped with the tools to maximize long-term value, align projects strategically, and make better, faster decisions for an unbeatable project portfolio.

    Alexander David
    Portfolio Director, Royal Mail

    Strategic Portfolio Management

    Get ready to dive into the world of strategy to execution alignment! In this session, we will explore a real-life case study that showcases the power of aligning your strategic goals with your execution plans.

    Strategic alignment is crucial for any organization’s success. It ensures that everyone in the company is working towards common goals/key results and understands how their individual efforts contribute to the bigger picture. It helps organisations to maximize on data driven prioritisation and creating a cohesive integrated approach towards goal attainment while minimizing inefficiencies, potential risks, or misalignments along the way.