Elevating Your PMO IMPACT

In today’s results-driven world, it’s not enough to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget, your PMO needs to be great at helping the organization make an IMPACT – and be able to do it fast

You need to drive measurable business value for your organization through high-IMPACT outcomes, so there’s no denying the clear-cut advantage you bring to the business.

The PMO IMPACT Summit is designed to help current and future PMO leaders build their leadership capabilities while providing the insights, ideas, and strategies that will help you driver higher IMPACT with your PMO well into the future.

Join us for two days of high-IMPACT action-oriented sessions that will help you quickly increase your PMO value to the organization and finally earn that seat at the table



Only the application of that knowledge will drive IMPACT.

It’s not what you learn, but what you apply.

That’s why the PMO IMPACT Summit is designed to give you the right learning experience AND the resources you need to put what you learn into action. Each session comes with an action-taking resource so you can put what you learn into action immediately. 

(That’s much more helpful than a copy of the slides.)

The PMO IMPACT Summit Experience

This virtual two-day experience has been carefully curated to include the content and format that is packed full of value so you can get what you need and move right into making an IMPACT in your organization fast.

You’ll connect with thousands of PMO leaders as you participate in live hands-on workshops, actionable presentations, and live thought-leader Q&A panel discussions to get your toughest PMO questions answered. 

The event is a combination of live and recorded content with included action-taking resources so you can watch in your desired time zone with recordings available through Friday, September 30th. 

The Summit is an incredible thing. Listen to as many of the talks as you can because you are going to be getting not just a picture of the way things used to be, not just a picture of the way things are, but you will be getting information, counsel, guidance, and up to the minute bulletins of the the way things are going to be for project management offices, so don’t fail to take advantage of that and grab it with both hands.

Dev, Management Consultant

Kickoff PMO Workshop

What we’ll cover in the workshop …

Conduct a PMO Health Assessment – Conduct a health assessment ot give you an accurate picture of your PMO and your organization.

Uncover Hidden Barriers – Uncover the hidden barriers that are slowing down PMO progress. 

Focus on Highest Value Services – You will get laser-focused on the highest value services to build PMO credibility.

Findings Report and Priorities List – You’ll produce an assessment findings report and priorities list to share with leadership. 

Featured Sessions

Watch a highly curated collection of sessions that inspire accelerating your IMPACT in 2022. The sessions are packed into a few days, where we have carefully planned to allow you time to actually listen and absorb the information without adding a lot of fluff that will simply overwhelm or distract you from getting the job done. 

We’re 100% laser-focused on giving you the knowledge, skills, resources, and guidance to help you build, grow or reset your PMO. 

As always, taking action is critical and each session will have an Action-Taking Resource to take the next step to creating an IMPACT!

Live Stream Q&A Session

with top industry thought-leaders

Do you remember back in the good old days when we used to sit around a pub or coffee shop with some of your colleagues talking about what it’s really like to work in PMOs? That’s what this is like, but virtual.

We’ll have some fun, answer your questions, and talk about what it’s really like to be in PMOs and project management. Bring your favorite cocktail, mocktail, coffee, or tea, and kick your feet up as you learn a little and laugh a little more!


Whether you call it an EPMO, a Strategy Realization Office, or a Transformation Office, an enterprise-level function is essential to drive business agility. But that takes more than simply elevating an execution-orientated PMO to the enterprise level. To truly drive business agility, a transformation office must be established and armed with the right strategic portfolio management processes and tools. Attend this session for insights into:

  • Identifying the key obstacles to building an agile business
  • Why “It takes a village” of roles & functions to form a Transformation Office
  • Maturing your strategic planning process to derive all execution from strategy
  • Establishing the right enterprise standards, while embracing line of business autonomy

Presenter's Q&A Panel

Presenter sessions will be available to you around the clock during the summit so you can watch the sessions at your ideal time. With each session including an Action-Taking Resource, you’ll know what next steps to take to support you on your implementation journey.

Then, on Day Two, you’ll have your chance to ask the thought-leaders questions about their sessions, insights, ideas, and action plans so you know just what to do to apply what you learned to make the biggest IMPACT with your PMO.


What does it take to drive business transformation? You need the ability to target the end-state you want to achieve, and also be able to deliver on that vision. That’s exactly what business capability planning helps you do. Attend this session to learn what it takes to combine the key elements of Business Architecture with Strategy Execution to ensure that all planning, investments and delivery are geared for success:

  • Hear insights from both a business architecture and strategy execution perspective
  • Learn how both leverage capability-based planning tools and techniques to help align all execution with strategy
  • Discover the key elements of capability-based planning
  • See what it takes to align all planning, investments and delivery with business capabilities.

PMO IMPACT Summit Agenda

PDUs: All sessions are eligible for PDUs. Instructions will be available inside the summit portal and mobile app once registered.
Day 1
27 Sep 2022
Day 2
28 Sep 2022
Laura Barnard

PMO Health Assessment Workshop

Vernon Smith
Ben Chamberlain
Stephen A. Devaux

Creating the Investment-Driven PMO

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-pemberton

Future Ready: PMO Innovations

Wolfram Müller, PMP, TOCICO Foundation
Ben Chamberlain
Andy Jordan
April Callis-Birchmeier
David Barrett

From Strategy to Execution – Bridging the Gap

Ben Chamberlain

Why Establishing A Transformation Office Is The Key To Business Agility

IMPACT After Hours

IMPACT After Hours Thought Leadership Q&A

Vernon Smith
Andy Jordan
April Callis-Birchmeier
David Barrett

From Strategy to Execution – Bridging the Gap

Vernon Smith
Ben Chamberlain
Ben Chamberlain
Emma-Ruth Arnaz-pemberton

Future Ready: PMO Innovations

Stephen A. Devaux

Creating the Investment-Driven PMO

Wolfram Müller, PMP, TOCICO Foundation
Laura Barnard


Speaker Panel

Speaker Q&A Panel Discussion

I loved the relevance of the presentations and online access across multiple time zones. I also was impressed by the quality of knowledgeable and highly experienced experts.

Chidi, PMO Executive

What I loved about the PMO IMPACT Summit is that it was jam packed full of very useful information and takeaways for PMOs!

Nancy, Project Manager

I loved the impact! The focus is refreshing and very informative. It’s full of useful, practical advice which inspires change and equips you to go out and do it again to help others drive business returns/value. Brilliant IMPACT strategy!

Mark, PMO Leader

Loved learning about case studies, PMO structures in various organizations, best practices and value oriented PMOs. I liked that I could watch it on my own schedule.

Shiwani, PMO Leader